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My Haggerston

My Haggerston

My Haggerston is an in-depth community history project based in the Haggerston ward of Hackney funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

It took place between March 2012 and April 2014 and involved local volunteers, community partners and Discover Hackney members to tell the rich story of Haggerston's heritage over the last 200 years.

The four key aspects of Haggerston’s history that we chose to explore in the "My Haggerston" project were:

• Haggerston’s listed buildings and the history of their use: There are over 100 listed buildings within the ward. We aimed to create a comprehensive photographic and research archive of all these listed buildings, including an investigation into their changes of use over time and the people that have used them.

• The history of migration in Haggerston: Working with residents from a range of backgrounds we worked to uncover the stories of migrants to Haggerston, and how new communities have contributed to the development of the area’s heritage, particularly in relation to identity, faith, jobs, economy and education.

• The history of Haggerston’s homes and celebrations: We researched past local celebrations of events including the London 1948 Olympics and Jubilees, religious and cultural festivities and birthdays. Research included collecting oral histories, for example of street parties, as well as photographs and ephemera.

• The history of leisure and culture in Haggerston: Starting with Hoxton Hall which was built in 1863 as a Music Hall, and has been Haggerston’s cultural and entertainment hub for 148 years; we've also research other leisure and cultural pursuits and venues in the ward - like Haggerston Park, boating on the canal, and Whiston Road swimming pool.

We now have an amazing collection of written information, recorded interviews, photographs, film and memorabilia. All of which we have been sharing with the wider community via events, walks, talks, performances, films, learning resources and exhibitions. Hackney Archives are conserving this information for future generations, and the actual exhibition is currently on display at Shoreditch Library until further notice.
You can also view some of this material here:

My Haggerston Exhibition Panels
Listed Haggerston Resources
Click here to view the Listed Haggerston interactive Map
My Haggerston Family Activities
Click here to view the films created by local families all about what they like to celebrate
Click here to download the Mapping Haggerston pdf

This project is dedicated to the wonderful Chris Bowler who very sadly passed away in May 2014. She became the manager of the Discover Hackney partnership in 2006, where her networking skills, dedication and passion for Hackney led to the partnership’s ongoing success. The My Haggerston project and resulting exhibition was one of the highlights for the partnership and has uncovered the amazing history of this area of Hackney and we are thankful to Chris for all her hard work in making the project the success it has been.

(image: Chris with volunteers from the My Haggerston project, photo by Jayne Lloyd).